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Scandinavian Teak Wall Mount Lamp with Brass and Fiberglass Pendant

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This totally dramatic, amazing Scandinavian wall mount lamp has killer style! Featuring a brass swivel arm that mounts to a teak wall plate, allowing you to swivel the light left or right, The cord is cloth covered and has a large weight at the bottom, allowing you to extend the cord from the brass arm as long as desired, and the weight will hold it in place. The pendant a domed UFO shape, with a conical fiberglass diffuser and teak cap – with a three-way switch on the stem. In wonderful condition, it takes a regular sized screw in light bulb with three wattages, plugs directly into the wall, and is wired for North American electrical outlets. Hang it as a bedside lamp or reading lamp, and swing it closer as needed. Please note that the dimensions below are for the overall size of the complete unit, with depth being the span from the wall and height being with the pendant close to the brass arm (which can be extended by pulling on the cord). The pendant itself measures 13.5″ diameter x 10″ high. The wood plate that attaches to the wall measures 5.75″ W x 5.75″ H x 1.75″ D.

Out of stock