Italian Marble Cylinder Lamp with Silk Barrel Shade, Imported by Holm Sorensen


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This wonderful Italian marble cylinder lamp has three subtle raised stripes at the bottom, and comes with the original silk chimney shade. The lamp was imported by Holm Sorensen, Denmark, and thus the dual labels. The lamp is in excellent condition with no chips or damage. The plastic top of the chimney support has some heat damage that does not deter from its function of the supporting the shade and is not visible as the shade support is recessed by several inches inside the shade. The shade is a gorgeous original one in cream colored raw silk that is in excellent condition, except for a few spots on one side which we did not try to clean and which can simply be turned to the back (see photos). Wired for North American standards with a two prong plug. Holds a standard base bulb up to 60 watts if incandescent or any wattage if LED or fluorescent. Dimensions: H 28.25 in. x Dm 16 in. Without the shade, the marble base has a 3.75″ diameter and is 14.5″ high until just below the socket.

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