Stunning Modern Abstract Framed Original Painting by Zlata Hurtic


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This stunning original modern abstract painting is by Zlata Hurtic and features a abstracted figure gazing into the water in rich tones of turquoise and gold. Framed floating in a gold minimalist frame and in fabulous condition. Dimensions: H 25.25 in. x W 37 in. x D 1.5 in.  

Fluent in a range of artistic languages, Vancouver-based painter Zlata Hurtic draws equally from the artistic and emotional gifts passed down from her late brother, Hamid, and her experiences growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hurtic tackles a diversity of issues in her growing body of work, exploring what it means to be a woman, the diasporic nature of life, and the beauty found in the act of self discovery.

Comprised of various media and aesthetics, the defining characteristic of Hurtic's oeuvre is the emergence of forms from layers of abstraction. These figures often represent the indomitable female spirit. As her figures seem both to be forming themselves and acting as recollections of what came before, Hurtic creates a dimensionality of timelessness. This evolving nature is amplified by her almost antique color schemes and the subtle shifts that build into complicated architectures of texture and light.

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