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Killer Kurt Ostervig Modular Self-Standing Teak Wall Unit w/ Bar


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This absolutely spectacular self-standing wall unit can also double as a room divider as it has a finished back.  Featuring 5 sculptural braces with splayed front legs that support the floating modular components, each supported with 2 metal rods that run from brace to brace inside the top of the cabinet or under the shelf and secured on either end with brass female screws.  Once all is assembled and the screws tightened, the entire unit is super sturdy.  Featuring on the left: a 16″ deep base shelf, a 10″ deep drop down bar with dividers and shelves and black laminate so you can mix your drinks without worry.  The bar door has a sculptural inset drawer pull, ball catches that hold the door closed, and brass locking angle brackets that support it when open.  Above are two 10″ deep shelves.  The right has a 16″ deep lower cabinet with 2 sliders with sculptural inset drawer pulls and one adjustable shelf.  Next is a 10″ deep glass cabinet with two new glass sliders.  Above are two 10″ deep shelves.  One can configure the components as desired to suit their needs.  Striking, dramatic and quality all wood construction – this looker will certainly be a centerpiece in your room!  In gorgeous restored condition.  Dimensions:  82.25″W x 70.75″H x 16″D (when the bar door is open, the depth is 23″.)

Out of stock