Iconic George Nelson Largest Saucer UFO Pendant Bubble Lamp


This gorgeous Mid-Century Modern vintage saucer pendant light by George Nelson is the largest diameter available at 36″ and is in excellent vintage condition and has just been professionally cleaned and has not tears, stains or damage.  Although the newer ones are cheaper, they don’t have the same parchment tone – but are too startling in bright white, and the material used to cover the cage is flimsier.  Seeing both a vintage one and a new one side by side, the differences are dramatic.  the result is a lamp that is at once opaque and transparent, functions as a work of sculpture, and creates a consistent, warm glowing light when illuminated.  It’s quite a miraculous accomplishment to get so much light from a single light bulb! Dimensions:  36″ diameter x 16″ high – wired for ceiling mount

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